CTS is both the operator and the contracting authority for the urban public transport network of the Strasbourg “Eurométropole”.

A one-of-a-kind structure in France

Established as a semi-public company with share capital of €5 million, CTS’ main shareholders are the local authorities of Eurométropole de Strasbourg and the Bas-Rhin département Council. It is contractually bound to the Eurométropole through a 30-year concession contract signed in 1990.

It has two complementary missions:

• Operate the urban public transport in the Strasbourg metropolitan area.
CTS is a high added value operator, acknowledged across Europe for the quality of its services and its innovation capabilities.




• Fulfil and surpass the simple role of expert (development of tram network, technical choices, fares, innovation, etc.); CTS also carries out the design, construction and financing of infrastructure such as lines, stations, automatic fare collection, video surveillance, park-and-ride facilities, etc.


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Click here to flick through our interactive annual progress and sustainable development report (in French). 


Rapport d'activité CTS 2021


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  • 1877 Founding of the CTS



  • 1928 Introduction of first bus services 



  • 1939 Introduction of first trolleybus services



  • 1960 Closure of the tramway



  • 1994 Creation of new tram network and start-up of Line A




  • 1998 Opening of line D



  • 2000 Opening of lines B and C



  • 2007 Extension of lines C and D, opening of Line E



  • 2008 Extension of line B



  • 2010 Opening of line F and direct connection from the railway station via line C 



  • 2013 Extensions of the lines A and D, creation of the line G, the first Bus Rapid Transit service in Strasbourg




  • 2017 Extension of line D to Kehl