CTS mobile app:

the one-stop application for all travel around the Eurometrople of Strasbourg


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The CTS mobile app makes it easier for tourists and both regular and occasional users of the CTS bus and tram system to travel round the city and its outskirts. With its many features, it gives you real-time information and can be personalised to display your favourite routes and stops on the home screen.



All the info you need!

The app gives you the details of all the tram and bus routes, along with the timetables for each stop. It will also give you live times for the next buses or trams.



Multimodal route planner

The CTS app will give you the best multimodal route for going from A to B, using buses, trams and also TER trains and coaches. You can enter your preferences, including the type of transport, the quickest route, the number of connections and the maximum walking distance.



Purchasing tickets online: your ticket is your smartphone!

Owners of NFC-compatible android smartphones, who are customers of Orange / Sosh, or the latest generation Samsung smartphones can use the “My Tickets” feature to purchase their CTS tickets with the app and validate them at the tram station or in the bus.


The “Immediate Departure” feature can be used on any smartphone, with any operator, to buy your ticket at the tram station or bus stop for immediate use. It’s handy if you’re an occasional user or when you want to show visitors round the city.


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The mobile app can also be used…

-   To find out how many spaces are available in the P+R park-and-rides

-   For easy bike hire with Vélhop

-   To get detailed bus and tram routes

-   To get an on-demand bus to pick you up

-   To get network status updates.