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Theoretical tram timetables

The tram runs from 4.30am to 0.30am Mondays to Saturdays and from 5.30am to 0.30am on Sundays and holidays. From 6.30am to 8pm, count on tram frequency of 5 to 6 minutes and of 15 minutes from 4.30am to 6.30am and from 8pm to 0.30am.

Tram Line A
Tram A: Parc des Sports - Homme de Fer - Illkirch Graffenstaden
Tram Line B
Tram B: Hoenheim Gare - Homme de Fer - Lingolsheim Alouettes
Tram Line C
Tram C: Gare Centrale - Homme de Fer - Neuhof Rodolphe Reuss
Tram Line D
Tram D: Poteries - Homme de Fer - Port du Rhin - Kehl Rathaus
Tram Line E
Tram E: Robertsau L'Escale - République - Campus d'Illkirch
Tram Line F
Tram F: Elsau - Homme de Fer - Place d'Islande
Bus Line G
Line G: Espace Européen de l'Entreprise - Gare Centrale

Theoretical Bus Timetables

Bus Line L1
Line L1: Lingolsheim Alouettes - Robertsau Lamproie
Bus Line L6
Line L6: Pont Phario - Hoenheim Gare - Vendenheim Gare
Bus Line 4/4a
Line 4: Wolfisheim Stade - Les Halles
Line 4a: Wolfisheim Stade - Poteries - Les Halles
Bus Line 10
Line 10: Gare Centrale - Musée d'Art Moderne - Gallia
Bus Line 12
Line 12: Entzheim Ouest - Lingolsheim Alouettes
Bus Line 13
Line 13: Lingolsheim Gare - Illkirch Fort Uhrich
Buses Lines 14/24
Line 14: Ancienne Douane - Neuhof Lorient - La Rochelle
Line 24: Ancienne Douane - Neuhof Stéphanie
Bus Line 17
Line 17: Rotonde - Mittelhausbergen Mittelberg
Bus Line 22
Line 22: Holtzheim Ouest - Lingolsheim Alouettes
Bus Line 27
Line 27: Baggersee - Neuhof Lorient - Port Autonome Sud
Bus Line 30
Line 30: Wattwiller - Robertsau Sainte-Anne - Robertsau Chasseurs
Bus Line 41
Line 41: Achenheim Ouest - Poteries - Les Halles
Shuttle Entzheim
Line 42: Navette Entzheim Ouest - Entzheim Gare
Shuttle Holtzheim
Line 43: Navette Holtzheim Ouest - Entzheim Gare
Shuttle Kolbsheim
Line 44: Navette Kolbsheim Mairie - Entzheim Gare
Bus Line 45
Line 45: Lingolsheim Alouettes - Roethig Gare
Bus Line 50
Line 50: Montagne Verte - Schiltigheim Le Marais
Buses Lines 57/67
Line 57: Kibitzenau - Geispolsheim Ouest - Blaesheim Ouest
Line 67: Kibitzenau - Graffenstaden Digue - Plobsheim Est
Bus Line 62
Line 62: Geispolsheim Gare - Graffenstaden Digue - Lipsheim Centre
Bus Line 63
Line 63: Campus d'Illkirch - Illkirch Parc d'Innovation - Lipsheim Gare
Bus Lines 70/70a
Line 70 : Robertsau Renaissance - Poteries
Line 70a: Robertsau Renaissance - Eckbolsheim Parc d’Activités
Bus Line 71
Line 71: Eckwersheim Hippodrome - Les Halles
Bus Line 72
Line 72: République - La Wantzenau Le Golf
Bus Line 74
Line 74: Hoenheim Gare - Reichstett Vergers - Vendenheim Artisans
Bus Line 75
Line 75: Vendenheim Mairie - Mundolsheim Parc - Les Halles
Bus Flex'hop 77
Line Flex'hop 77: Bischheim ZA - Pôle Automobile
Car Lines 260/270
Line 260: Baggersee - Plobsheim - Erstein
Line 270: Baggersee - Plobsheim - Rhinau - Diebolsheim

Theoretical shuttle Timetables

Shuttle Robertsau
Navette Robertsau: Robertsau Boecklin - Robertsau Renaissance
Shuttle Lingolsheim
Navette: Campus d'Illkirch - Lingolsheim Alouettes

See the plans of the inter-urban network.

Find all the information about FLUO GRAND EST 67 bus lines run by the CTBR in just a few clicks:

FLUO GRAND EST 67 : a public transportation network brand of the Département du Bas-Rhin.


Organised in 6 areas, FLUO GRAND EST 67 counts 64 regular lines serving 350 towns! Yearly, over a million travellers take the 280 buses of the regional public transportation network (school services not included).


Want to find out timetable and fares information? The Conseil Général du Bas-Rhin created an information and reservation hotline for inter-urban transportation (toll-free number):















You have to ways to place your information enquiry through this number: 

  • directly contact a phone operator: Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 6.30pm / Saturdays from 8am to 12pm and from 1.30pm to 5pm. 
  • use the interactive voice response server 24/7.


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